LED Shoebox Fixtures

We have various LED shoebox light fixtures for sale in USA warehouse, no matter it is standard 100-277V or  high voltage 277-480V. Wattage available are 48W 100W 150W 200W 240W 300W 450W 500W to replace  traditional HID fixtures like 150W- 1500W metal halide, HPS, mercury vapor.

No matter the light pole is dark bronze, black or white finish, we offer the color to match your parking lot poles.

LED shoebox light are commonly used for outdoor commercial area as parking lot security lighting, sport court (tennis court or basketball court) lighting or as custom street lighting and roadway lighting, because it can be slipfit mount on round pole with slip fitter mount bracket, pole mounted on both round/ square pole with the direct arm mount bracket and even can be wall mounted with the trunnion mount bracket. In all, its application are so wide to cover most of exterior lighting purpose such as car parking lots for auto dealerships, roadways, sport fields etc.

We know some States have special requirement for the color temperature of the light, so we stock both 4000K neutral white and 5000K daylight white lights for customer’s purchase.

If you are looking for ambient control or motion detective control for the LED shoe box light, we also have photocell sensor & microwave sensor for the light fixtures to meet the requirement, even can be controlled by remote.

Therefore, feel free to reach us for any specific product request.

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