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Why Do My LED Lights Flicker ?

why do my led lights flicker

Why Are My LED Lights Flickering ?

Now LED has become a the mainstream of the lighting world, no matter is indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, all sellers promote its benefits in order to sell more.

However, you might suffer the same flickering issue when you buy LED strip light, LED can light, LED flood light, LED ceiling light, LED low bay & high bay light, LED shoebox light, LED vanity lights, under cabinet light, LED spotlight etc, so annoying when you face the problem and cannot work under that light.

We believe many cusumers have experienced LED light flickering, strobing effect, flashing, blinking issue when the solid state light is turned on for a while, and don’t know how to identify what the problem is ?

Today we are going to explore this problem and help you find out step by step to know what you need to do when such case happen to your LED light bulbs or LED fixtures.

The first cause might be that the voltage of the power line is lower than its working volt.

e.g. LED downlight working voltage is 100-277VAC,  if  there are many appliances/lights series wiring into the line, which would bring about low voltage under its normal working voltage, thus, the LED light would flicker.

The solution would be to remove other lights or appliances and check if the LED bulb still have the flickering issue.

If the blinking stops, then we can conclude that it is not the light bulb quality problem.

If it never stops, then we need to move forward to the next step.

Second, open the driver box and check out if the cable connection is loosen.

Generally, the LED lights usually travel thousands of miles and then go to your hand, the driver and LED board wiring connection might be loosen due to the rude handling or shaking by express or courier staff. The wiring is commonly covered with a wiring cap, which is easy to loosen connection and cause the bulb to flicker.

After you check the circuits and make sure connection is good, if the flicker problem still exists, then we need to suspect it could be the LED driver defectiveness.

When LED has been running for one or two years and flashing happens, the most possible cause is the driver, then blinking stops and it will completely go out.

You can ask the supplier to send you a free driver replacement and get it repaired by qualified electrician. Most likely, you would see the LED light up again.

Another reason behind the flickering is the incompatibility with the dimmer.

When you receive a new dimmable bulb from the reliable factory vendor, it is less likely that the bulb is bad, because all lights would have 24hrs aging process(lighting up 24hrs continually), if passing the test, then it would be packed and shipped out.

While the bad one would be returned to the production line to re-design and then go through the process again until it passes the test.

Some dimmer switch in the market cannot work with the LED light, consult your seller and ask them for recommendation for dimmer brand to solve the flickering issue.