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LED vs HID Parking Lot Lighting

LED VS HID parking lot light

Today we are going to compare LED VS HID parking lot lighting with the following factors to see why it is neccessary to shift to LED.

  • Lumen efficacy & output
  • Electricity bill
  • Maintenance cost
  • Lifespan

In the United States, there are still many places using the HID bulbs(MH, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor) for outdoor parking lot lighting near shop, car dealership store, square, warehouse and factory.

After working about 2-3 years, the HID bulb lumen decay seriously and light color would become yellow, not as bright as before. As the labor fee is high for replacement installation, so the owner will keep using it for a few more years. Apparently, that is a compromised decision between money and illumination result.



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