About Pinus LED - Outdoor LED Pole Light, Lantern Post Light Supplier

“Pinus” is an important genus of coniferous evergreen trees,  a branch of biological family Pinaceae, we hope to use the term as our brand name to indicate we promote green energy lighting solutions to all globe.

Pinus LED have been focusing on LED commercial & industrial lighting for more than 8 years in North American market ( USA, Canada & Mexico), all of LED fixtures, light bulbs in our store are ETL UL DLC listed with factory warranty.

We are striving to bring this energy efficient lighting technology to more companies, more people, as light can help their customer business sales grow, enhance the workers’ working efficiency, most of all, save a lot of electricity bill.

Pinus LED is committed to providing high quality reliable LED indoor and outdoor lights for USA lighting projects, because we know what our customer concerns and what makes business long-lasting for more than 10 years(not only ours, but yours), which is beyond the light warranty period. Therefore, quality comes first in our company.

Besides, we come to realize a fact that the LED industry is stepping into the fierce price competition, we cannot sell it at very high price and need to spare profit margin for distributors or contractors.

Given that, we decide to adopt a business plan that these important client group can get the lower cost at the same time, but also enjoy the shopping convenience without need to ask us for better price.

That is, we sell product at retail and wholesale pricing in our lighting store, customer can get a tiered pricing on different order quantity.

US stock

Fast delivery

Shipped by FedEx UPS Ground services

Manufacturer direct

Wholesale price

China factory direct, no middleman

Online checkout

Easy transaction

PayPal, Credit Card acceptable

High Quality

UL/cUL DLC listed

5 years warranty


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